Object Oriented Analysis in real world

  • 6 August 2015
  • admin

There is a lot more to succeeding with OOA than mastering the modeling techniques. Some of it is just good project management practices. Some of it is just good analysis practices. Some of it has to do with the process of introducing a new engineering discipline into an organization. Some of it has to do with the general, object-oriented approach of OOA. And some of has to do with application of the specific OOA modeling techniques. If the issues in all of these areas are actively tracked and addressed, the chances of success are greatly enhanced. The following checklist summarizes critical activities.

Establish utility of OOA.
Create productive analysis environment.
Train the analysis team.
Use experienced OOA analysts.
Augment formal models with informal technical notes.
Factor analysis results back into the maintenance of the domain chart and subsystem interfaces, and into the project plan.

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